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Always use as per directions. MSDS available if required.


Vegetable oil

Unit of packaging

Adjuvant for an improved effect of MYCOTAL® (Verticillium lecanii) based on emulsifiable vegetable oil.

Packaging: jerrycan

Content: 2.5 liters


Increased and improved effect of the insect pathogene fungus Verticillium lecanii against whitefly and thrips.

ADDIT should only be used as an adjuvant to MYCOTAL® in protected crops. If no experience has been gained using MYCOTAL® in a specific crop (whether in combination with ADDIT or not), it is strongly suggested to treat a small section of the crop before applying it on a large scale. For dosage, application and suitable crops consult the directions for use of MYCOTAL®

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Mode of action

ADDIT improves the attachment of the spores to the insect

ADDIT has a protective capacity of the spores, which consequently have an extended survival and a better germination.

ADDIT greatly improves the effectiveness at lower humidity.

ADDIT drastically increases the effectiveness of MYCOTAL® against whitefly and thrips.

ADDIT also has an excellent spreading capacity.

Preparation of solution

  • Prepare the spray solution MYCOTAL® according to the directions on the label
  • Transfer the solution to the spray tank and fill the tank to the required quantity of spray solution
  • Add the correct amount of ADDIT to the MYCOTAL® spray solution
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Spray immediately

Crop protection


The introduction rates of this product should be adjusted to the mode of action of the product and the results that can be expected in the crop where the product is applied

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