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A booster hive is just like a regular hive, but it has been specially selected to provide effective pollination over a shorter period of time.

This makes our boosters perfect for pollinating crops that are coming to the end of their season.

If you only have a couple of weeks to go and just need a short “boost” in pollination to get you through, then the booster is ideal.

Alternatively, they can be used for pollinating crops with a short flowering time. If you would like to know if this hive is best suited to your needs please contact us for further guidance.

What does the hive contain?

The hive comes complete with a colony of around 70 workers, including the queen. The hive is completely self-contained and requires no maintenance. It does not need feeding or cleaning and arrives with enough sugar syrup to last the entire life of the hive.

Hive Performance

You can expect the hive to last for around 2-4 weeks, although they can last longer depending on food source and brood quality. After this time the queen will die and the hive will naturally start to die off, as is their natural life cycle.

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Using the hive

  • Colonies should be introduced when the first flowers are open.
  • Colonies should be placed on a sturdy support, about 50 cm above the ground; in spring in a sunny place, and later in the season in the shade.
  • Secure the hive so that ants cannot enter it.
  • After placement of the hive, let the bumble bees settle down for a while (½ - 1 hour) before opening the flight hole.
  • Following their initial orientation flights the bumble bees will immediately start pollinating the crop.
  • Bumble bees are active at temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius. They function best at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

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