Pheromone Sticky Bases - 10pkt

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Pheromone traps provide an environmentally friendly method of insect pest monitoring. Pher-omone traps can be used in both indoor and outdoor situations.
How do the traps work?
Each trap contains a pherocap (a rubber lure impregrated with a synthetic pheromone for a specific species), and a sticky base insert. Male moths only are attracted to the scent from the pherocap and caught on the sticky base of the trap.

Trap placement
Traps should be placed about 0.5m above the crop. Use the wire to hang the trap from a sup-port wire or post. Make sure you make a note of where all traps are hung for ease of finding them again.
When more than one insect species is being monitored, single traps should be placed at least 5m apart to avoid interference between the pheromones of different species.
Trap number
For effective monitoring in greenhouse situations, use no less than 1 trap per 2000sqm of greenhouse.
When to start
Pheromone traps should be placed in the greenhouse as soon as the new crop is planted. Traps may be placed in the house the week before new plants are introduced to give the grow-er an idea of any residual populations present in or around the greenhouse.
Recording information
Weekly catches should be recorded on a trap catch template such as the example included. When traps are being counted each week, remove the trapped moths with a piece of wood, pencil or scraper for ease of counting the following week.
Trap maintenance
Keep the entrances to the traps clear of foliage to ensure the flow of air through the trap is un-impeded.
Replace the sticky base inserts every 3-6 weeks. Replace more frequently is dust, high moth catch or other insects have affected stickiness. Use forcepts, pen or twig to transfer the pher-ocap between bases.
Every six weeks, replace the pherocaps. Place the pherocap in the centre of the sticky base using the foil wrapper to avoid touching with fingers.
Handling of pherocaps
• Keep refrigerated until use
• Remove all old pherocaps from the greenhouse and destroy them as they may compete with the traps

• Discard pherocaps that have passed their “use by date”, as pheromone chemicals de-grade over time

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