Bee Hive - Large

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Zonda’s unique hive is the product of endeavour which best expresses both consumers demand as well as the condition’s which will ensure efficient work of the bumblebees. The ingenious hive has been developed by Koppert Biological Systems in the Netherlands who are the global market leader in biological crop protection and natural pollination.

The Zonda hive is completely self-contained, requiring no maintenance. It does not require feeding or cleaning. It arrives with a bladder of sugar syrup in the base of the hive, from which the bumbles can feed. It is as simple as placing the hive in a suitable site, and leaving them to it. It has an easy use slider door, which enables you to control the bumblebee’s comings and goings. The hive can easily be closed and moved if need be. All hives come complete with the Queen.

Large Hive – suitable for pollinating between 1100 sqm and 1500 sqm, (the hive contains 80-100 worker bees)

The hives will last for between 4-6 weeks.

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