What\'s the buzz? Resource Kit

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Bumble bees like you’ve never seen them before! Examine preserved bumblebees focusing on the structure and function of their body parts. Learn about the interesting life-cycle of the bumblebee, their preferred habitat and compare and contrast the differences between bumblebees and honeybees. By exploring how we see colour students investigate how flowers have evolved to attract bumblebees and other pollinators. Children will observe and discuss the relationship between sound and vibration; this will allow them to create a model that demonstrates “buzz pollination”, which is a unique characteristic of bumblebees that enables them to be extremely efficient pollinators. And finally the children will have the opportunity to construct their own bumblebee nest.

About House Of Science

House of Science is passionate about inspiring young New Zealanders' interest in science through tangible learning experiences. They are a charitable trust providing quality science resources to schools and professional learning for teachers to promote positive engagement with science in all its forms.

Teachers, students and the wider community can access their diverse programmes and educational materials including:

  • A comprehensive science resource library for primary schools
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The Resource Kits:

  • Cover a vast range of relevant topics
  • Include at least 5 hands-on experiments, catering for Year 1-8 students
  • Are easy to use: everything a teacher needs is in the kit, including all consumables
  • Include bi-lingual student instructions and teacher manual (English and Te Reo)
  • Are fully aligned with the NZ Curriculum and many reflect current National Science research
  • Kits are booked for one week at a time and are delivered to/collected from their member schools.

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