Zonda Beneficials is stepping up their sustainability game!

Here at Zonda Beneficial’s we have been working hard, doing our part to help the environment. One of the more recent steps we are taking is working to eliminate the use of unnecessary, non-recyclable, plastics and introducing biodegradable packaging and products.

Today we would like to introduce our latest products upgrade; Silvalure ‘Catch-It’ sticky boards. They provide the same great results with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

Silvalure products have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed effective.

For effective, non-toxic, eco-friendly control and monitoring of glasshouse pests, you won’t find better than Silvalure sticky boards.

These sticky traps will eventually replace the current Horiver brand we offer.

Find them in the shop on our new website; www.zonda.net.nz