Zonda Beneficials is the New Zealand market leader in the field of biological crop protection and natural pollination. Our NZ owned company specialises in the production of beneficials and bumblebees for use in the horticultural and agricultural sectors.

The company was originally founded by Dr Nelson Pomeroy in 1990 in Hastings. Dr Pomeroy, recognizing the need for more innovative, sustainable methods for crop management established Zonda Beneficials, a company that was the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Today Zonda Beneficials has a state of the art production facility operating in rural South Auckland and has grown into a company that has a reputation nationally for reliability, innovation and flexibility.

Zonda Beneficials operates two specialised glasshouses, built for the purpose of rearing beneficial insects, along with a brand new, custom built facility used to breed bumblebees.

The production of these biological control agents is part of a joint venture with Koppert BV of Holland. Koppert pioneered biological control in Europe and brings 50 years of accumulated experience and knowledge to the NZ market.

In the fields of research, development and application, Zonda proves to be innovative and authoritative time and time again. Systematic testing in this facility ensures both quality and continuity. The ongoing research and continuous production of beneficials and pollinators allows us to contribute to the lasting development of agriculture and horticulture throughout New Zealand.

When natural enemies are used to control pests, the use of crop protection chemicals can be reduced and sometimes even eliminated altogether. We offer solutions for the protection of your crop; for you own interests and those of your employees, your customers and the environment.

Customer satisfaction is essential for Zonda; growers must achieve real results with biological control and natural pollination. Top-quality products are highly important in this respect, but advice, guidance, information and training are just as critical. Zonda attaches great value to effective, direct communication with the market and with individual customers.

Zonda Beneficials and Koppert BV are both committed to improving the range of biological control agents available to NZ growers and to ensuring that NZ growers have the necessary tools and support to achieve their desired pest control results.

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