Zonda Beneficials, established in Hastings in 1990 by Dr Nelson Pomeroy, is the New Zealand market leader in the field of biological crop protection and natural pollination. Zonda has a reputation nationally for reliability, innovation and flexibility. The ongoing research and continuous production of beneficials and pollinators contributes to the lasting development of agriculture and horticulture in New Zealand. An important characteristic of Zonda is the involvement in the everyday world of horticultural businesses. But Zonda also has a worldwide network of contacts.

Production of natural enemies and pollinators now takes place in its South Auckland production facilities near Pukekohe. Systematic testing in this facility ensures both quality and continuity. In the field of packaging, transport and storage-life, Zonda proves to be innovative and authoritative time and time again.

Customer satisfaction is essential for Zonda: growers must achieve results with biological control and natural pollination. Top-quality products are of course important in this respect, but advice, guidance, provision of information, and training are just as critical. Zonda attaches great value to effective, direct communication with the market and with individual customers.

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