Thripex (Thrips predator)

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What is it?

THRIPEX is the trade name used by Zonda Resources and Koppert Biological Systems for the predatory mite Neoseiulus cucumeris (formerly Amblyseius cucumeris). THRIPEX is used to control thrips (both western flower thrips and onion thrips) in a range of crops.

Neoseiulus cucumeris is a slightly 'tear shaped' mite, which is beige/pink in colour and is extremely active. THRIPEX passes through the following stages in its life cycle: an egg, larva, two nymphs, and then the adult form. The larval form does not feed.

What does it do?
The predator mites (THRIPEX) actually hunt, kill and eat both the eggs and juvenile stages of onion thrips (Thrips tabaci) and western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis). They have the added bonus of being able to eat both the eggs and juvenile stages of two-spotted spider mites, some other pest mites (such as broad mites in capsicums), and may also survive on certain types of pollen (such as capsicums or eggplants). THRIPEX can therefore be introduced before thrips are present and can continue to survive after thrips numbers have been reduced.

As THRIPEX feeds on the larval stages of the thrips, a reduction in adult thrips numbers may not be seen immediately.

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