Amblydromalus (Typhlodromalus) limonicus



LIMONICA is the trade name used by Zonda Beneficials and Koppert Biological Systems for the predatory mite Amblydromalus limoncicus. LIMONICA is used to control spider mite, thrips and whitefly. We have seen good results in Psyllid control early in the season when infection pressure is not high. It can be used in a wide range of salad and ornamental crops, except tomatoes as the hairs on the tomatoes hinder the mite.

Amblydromalus limonicus is beige-pink in appearance. It has a droplet shaped body, with a ‘pushed down’ position on short legs. Limonicus reproduces quickly in humid conditions and in the presence of prey.

How does LIMONICA work?

LIMONICA is able to reduce spider mite, thrips, psyllid and whitefly populations in greenhouse and outdoor crops in the summer. It is also known to prey on broad mite.

Limonica2 smallA.Limonicus is an active predator that consumes many more thrips per day than any other well-known predatory mite. LIMONICA will target the first and second larval stages of various species of thrips.

A.Limonicus targets the eggs and all larval stages of the glasshouse and cotton whitefly. They will hunt their prey or wait for it to pass by and then suck it dry. It is effective in temperatures as low as 13◦c.


How do I get LIMONICA?

LIMONICA is supplied in 1000ml bottles. Each bottle contains around 12,500 predatory mites, and is mixed with millet husks, bran and sawdust. A.Limonicus have a very short life expectancy, so therefore need to be introduced into the crop as soon as possible. It should be used within 1-2 days after receiving and must be keep in the dark at around 12-14◦C. Do NOT expose to direct sunlight at any time.

LIMONICA must be ordered by the Wednesday before the week you are requiring it.

How do I use LIMONICA?

LIMONICA should be introduced when food (pollen) or low levels of thrips or whitefly are present. LIMONICA should be used depending the time of the year and infection pressure, at low infection levels it is recommended to use two bottles per ha. When used in a preventative way star with one bottle per ha in areas where normally the first insects appear, when used in a preventative way, open flowers should be present. Preferred method is using it as a “fire brigade” in hot spots.

Before opening the bottle you will need to shake gently and roll each bottle several times. Carefully sprinkle LIMONICA on the leaves, making sure to leave the material on the leaves for some hours after introduction. LIMONICA should be evenly distributed over the total surface area.