Outdoor Crops

Our outdoor hive has been specifically designed for the pollination of outdoor cops. They can be used on almost all open-field crops, protected, netted and tunnel housed crops.
In recent years there has been much research done and evidence to show that the bumblebee is very effective in a range of outdoor crops, particularly kiwifruit, blueberries, avocado and other stone fruits.
All outdoor hives come in a waxed exterior cardboard box. They are provided with additional insulation or additional ventilation, depending on the time of year and crop requirements.
Outdoor hives contains around 80-100 worker bees and include the Queen.
They offer a pollination period of at least four weeks.

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Almond             Peach                                                                           
Apple  Pear 
Apricot Plum
Avocado  Raspberry
Blackberry Passionfruit (sorry no content)
Cherry Feijoa (sorry no content)
Kiwifruit Persimmons (sorry no content)