Natural Biological Control

Cleaner Cultivation process, Naturally Good

Zonda Beneficials provide biological crop protection by using beneficial bugs for the natural controls of plant pests and diseases. We offer solutions for the protection of your crop; for you own interests and those of your employees, your customers and the environment.

More and more people are becoming aware of what they buy and what they eat. An environmentally friendly production process, food safety, and a quality end product are the key issues for consumers.

Zonda Beneficials helps growers in the food and ornamental plant cultivation sectors to meet today’s demands and legal requirements. When natural enemies are used to control pests, the use of crop protection chemicals can be reduced and sometimes even eliminated altogether, which of course is also beneficial to the grower and their environment.

The production of these biological control agents is part of a joint venture with Koppert BV of Holland. Koppert pioneered biological control in Europe and brings nearly 30 years of accumulated experience and knowledge to the NZ market. The value of this knowledge has become apparent over the past few years, with large numbers of growers having greater levels of success regarding their pest control, thanks to information gained from overseas.   

Zonda Beneficials and Koppert BV are both committed to improving the range of biological control agents available to NZ growers, and to ensuring that NZ growers have the necessary tools to achieve the desired pest control results. To this end, Zonda Beneficials have employed full time technical advisors based in Auckland to help growers with any problems that they may have when implementing an integrated pest management program.